With the doctor’s experience along with the latest in high tech diagnostic equipment, it’s now possible to have the most accurate prescriptions possible. Even patients who cannot give accurate responses during testing can be effectively managed, including:

  • young children
  • handicapped individuals
  • non-English speaking patients
  • post-stroke patients

Once the prescription has been determined, the correct lenses must be selected. Eyeglasses have evolved from simple glass lenses to a myriad of materials, including:

  • polycarbonates
  • trivex
  • sun-sensitive (photochromatic) lenses
  • polarized
  • ultra-thin high-index lenses
  • aspheric
  • Progressive (Multifocal) lenses
  • occupational designs
  • computer specific designs

All of these lens types and designs require skill and experience to properly prescribe and fit. Dr. Zolman and the opticians on staff at Infinity Eye Care will help you get the optimal prescriptions, materials, and lens designs to make sure you obtain the best and most efficient vision possible.